Black Belt Health Concierge

We are here to help guide you through these tests and answer your questions along the way. Contact your concierge if you have any questions before taking this test.

GI Microbial Assay Plus Test

This test is one of the most important you’ll take in our labs. It gives us a closer look at your microbiome and identifies the good bacteria, bad bacteria, viruses, pathogens and other other things that are affecting your gut health.

Test Instructions

Important: The stool sample must be received within 6 days of collection. If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection, please refrigerate and ship as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days.

Before you collect your specimen, fill out all of the information on the collection vial including name, date of birth, and date of the collection. It’s also important to have your Test Request Form completed as well, according to the highlighted areas. These documents are to be placed in the separate folder that comes with your collection kit. Keep the FedEx instructional sheet out for later.

TIP: Try filling this out the night before collection, since you’ll be collecting first thing in the morning.


Once you’re ready to collect the specimen, put on the gloves that come with your kit.


If possible, empty your bladder prior to collecting the specimen in order to avoid mixture. Position the tray to catch the specimen upon collection. No need to overfill the tray, only fill it up to the measured opening.


Once you’ve filled the tray with the specimen, take the cap off of the vial that comes with your collection kit. Do not discard the pink liquid in the vial. Inside you’ll find a spoon to scoop the specimen from left to right. Start from one end and continue until you’ve reached the other end.


Inside the vial is a red line indicating how much of the stool to fill the vial with. If you do not have enough, keep scooping from your collection tray to fill it up.


Using the spoon, stir up the specimen along with the liquid. Replace the cap on the vial securely, and shake it heavily for 30 seconds.


Open up the specimen bag, and place the absorbent pad inside along with the collection vial in case of leakage. Seal off the bag and place it into the Black Belt Health Box along with the document folder.


Place the box into your FedEx bag, secure it and call FedEx to schedule a pickup, following the instructions on the sheet found in your Black Belt Health Box.


Call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339 or visit online to schedule your free pickup. When the automated greeting begins, say “Schedule a pickup.” When asked if your label has the word “Stamp” on it, say “Yes.” Your tracking number can be found on the return label.