Whoop 4.0 Fitness Tracker

Designed by the world’s leading human performance experts, this wearable tracker is used by athletes, doctors and other professionals because of its ability to accurately track detailed metrics. The tracker measures all aspects of your body’s performance from physical exertion, sleep quality, strain, recovery, stress, and even your mental load. This data will be used for personalized coaching and training as you continue along your health journey.

Black Belt Health Concierge

We are here to help guide you through setting up your new fitness tracker and answer your questions along the way. Contact your concierge here if you have any questions.

How to set up your Whoop


Download the WHOOP app on your mobile device.


Activate your membership by creating an account and pairing it with your 4.0 device. Although your first year is paid for, please note that you will still be prompted to provide payment information. Once your commitment period ends, your membership will continue on a month-to-month basis. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an active payment method on file.


Follow the prompts in the app to get started setting up your device.


Open the clasp from the bottom of the wristband and pull using force to open it. Write down the serial number to pair with your WHOOP.


Slide the WHOOP on and position it one inch above your wrist bone. Pull the clasp back down and secure the band. Adjust the band to fit by opening the clasp and pulling the loose end of the band.


Check battery level with the light sensor on your device. If there is no light, you’ll need to charge your black, square battery pack with the included cable. Wait until the battery pack is fully charged and the light turns green. This could take up to 90 minutes.


Once the battery pack is charged, slide it onto the WHOOP, and it will begin charging. To check the battery level, firmly tap the top of your sensor twice.
Note: You can keep your WHOOP on while charging, the battery pack is waterproof!


Pair your WHOOP with your phone by checking that your phone’s bluetooth is turned on. Look for a blue light on the side of your WHOOP, indicating it’s ready to be paired. Once you see the device appear in the WHOOP app, tap on it to connect the two devices. The WHOOP should then be ready to use!


If you’re still unable to connect, follow the online instructions to put the WHOOP Strap into pairing mode.