Black Belt Health Concierge

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APOE & MTHFR Genetic Test : Cheek Swab

This test will allow us to study the APOE gene, associated with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and cardiovascular diseases. The MTHFR gene is responsible for helping our bodies make proteins. Measuring both of these genes will give us an inside look at any risk factors for:

  • Neuro-de-generative diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Inflammation
  • Heart disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Thyroid disorders

Saliva Swab Collection Instructions

Avoid eating, drinking, and nicotine for 30 minutes prior to collection.

Fill out the requisition form included in the saliva swab kit.


Rinse your mouth with cold water, and swallow to remove excess saliva.


Open one swab at a time, avoiding touching any surfaces with the swab. Do not touch the swab above the breakpoint indicator mark on the handle.


Collect the sample from the mouth by rubbing the swab on the inside of your cheek. Rub 20 times or for up to 15-20 seconds in a circular motion. Swab the cheek firmly but gently so the cheek is pushed outward.


Dry the swab by shaking it in the air for 10-20 seconds.


Place dried swab back in its original sleeve.


Use the other cheek for the next swabs. Repeat the same process, collecting samples on all swabs.


Place the swab sleeves containing the dry swabs and requisition form in the envelope included in the kit.